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Edge Cheerleading receives the CUA Spirit & Sportsmanship Award for 2016

We are so grateful and humbled to have received the CUA Spirit & Sportsmanship Award for 2016. Well Done Edge Cheerleading Athletes & Families.

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The Edge Fitness  Cheer
Cheerleading Academy

At the Edge Fitness Cheerleading Academy you can be guaranteed that you or your child will receive top quality cheer training.

Whether you want to join a cheerleading teamor just participate in a specialty cheer class, our aim is to deliver the best training. Cheerleading training is fun and focused on increasing fitness, injury prevention and management.

Coaches and staff at our Cheerleading Academy have expertise not only in cheerleading but also in education, strength and conditioning, tumbling, injury rehabilitation and management. All the cheer coaches have high-level qualifications and experience in a variety of areas...which makes us a very unique club and coaching environment.

When enrolling at our cheerleading academy, you can be guaranteed that we will take great care to ensure that you, or your child receives a quality education in cheerleading, tumbling and much more!

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We Believe!

At Edge, we believe in making dreams come true. Coaches will work hard to assist athletes with achieving their goals. We teach athletes how to work together as a team to improve one another. We want to grow in their sport each training session.