About Edge Fitness

Who are we?

Edge Fitness is a small but dynamic, independently owned personal fitness business operating out of Perth. We have been operating since early 2005 and consist of a group of professional trained and dedicated individuals that truly have the customer’s interests at heart.

Why are we unique?

We believe that our independence from large gym networks and personal training franchises allow us to ensure the customer gets what they want, in an environment and at a price that drives commitment to achieving personal goals. Our business is based on our belief that we can help anyone achieve their personal fitness objectives and at the heart of this, is our belief that training needs to be undertaken in an encouraging, non threatening and fun environment

Who will train me?

The two most important things when looking for a personal trainer are to find someone that knows what they are doing and also someone that you will enjoy training with.

The personal trainers at Edge Fitness are either university qualified or have completed a Diploma of Exercise Science & Fitness Management and are subsequently registered with Fitness WA.

Further our trainers are all good at working with you to achieve your goals and also at helping you enjoy your fitness programs. We understand that everyone is different, some people like to be pushed hard and we can do that, but likewise some people don’t enjoy that aspect of fitness training, so we don’t do it. We will understand what you want and we set your programs accordingly.

If you want to find out which trainers are available in your area send an email to info@edgefitness.com.au

We Support JDRF

Edge Fitness supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and hold a run every 2 months at a different location to raise money. Find out more about JDRF here.

If you are interested in the bimonthly run contact ryan@edgefitness.com.au

More information on Juvenile Diabetes can also be found on the following page.

edge fitness supports jdrf