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This page is for anyone who runs or is part of a business that would like to put up a free advertisement to other members. Basically my rational in doing this is that I train alot of very nice people and it is always nice to go and support those nice people :)

The most important thing in being a part of this is to go out of your way to look after other members and well if you can offer mates rates thats always a bonus.

Likewise if you know a way that we can promote Edge Fitness through your business I would love to speak with you.


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Westpac- Adam Kukura is running a special offer exclusive to all Edge Fitness client - Special Offer - if you are looking to save money on your mortgage it would be worth chatting to him to see what you can save.

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 Home / Investment Loans·       

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Unlock Equity in Your Home to Purchase a Car, Boat etc·       

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Adam Kukura | Home Finance Manager | Westpac Banking Corporation

454 Scarborough Beach Road Osborne Park WA 6017Phone (08) 9242 4088 | Fax (08) 9242 2472Mob 0418 953 212          akukura@westpac.com.au

Luscious Lips® by Samantha Jasmin


These products I truly believe in and I love as they don’t:

  • smudge off, kiss off, rub off, swim off or sweat off!!

All of the products are FDA approved, lead free and are not tested on animals. If you are interested in these products I would be more than happy to show them to you. Please contact me on 0407474406 or email me: samantha@edgefitness.com.au. You can also ask Ryan about these products.

Thank you,

Samantha Kukura

ICU Opticians - Just opened by my Sister's Boyfriend Brett Ferguson and his mate Julian. These guys have done a great job with the shop so far and really do go out of their way to give great service.


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