Corporate Training

Corporate Fitness Training

If you are in business and looking to give your company an edge, you should consider putting a health and fitness program in place. Businesses with a health and fitness programs gain from having:

  • Less sick days
  • More motivated staff with more energy
  • A friendlier and happier workplace
  • Greater staff retention rates
  • Great way to attract quality staff…

If you are looking to provide a health and fitness program for your staff you should talk to Edge Fitness, Perth's outdoors group training specialists. Our unique mobility within the Perth area and our ability to train large groups very effectively and efficiently puts us ahead of the pack. We provide a wide range of services designed to help your business become fitter, healthier and ultimately more successful.

Edge Fitness’s services include:

  • Personal fitness evaluations and programs
  • Outdoor group fitness classes
  • Gym management
  • Advice on gym design
  • Health and exercise seminars
  • Training for events such as the City to Surf or Run for a Reason

If you are interested in health and fitness for your business and want to know what Edge Fitness can do to help, please call Ryan on 0407 474 413 or email