Personal Training

Personal Training

If you want to achieve results quickly then one-on-one personal training may be for you. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your fitness, get stronger or even prepare for your first fun run or triathlon, our trainers can help you get there.

Personal training is a great option for people who want to exercise in the house (especially if you have to look after kids). It’s also a great option for people working long hours who just want to get active again and often want to use exercise as a way to unwind.

Clients' goals include

  • losing weight before getting married,
  • getting ready to run a first triathlon,
  • reducing workplace stress,
  • getting into better shape for the football season,
  • reducing high blood pressure,
  • and the list continues…..

If you're interested in personal training Edge Fitness should be the first place you call.


We have trainers that are able to cover the entire Perth Metropolitan Area. We are even involved in sessions up in Bindoon and have a trainer down in Mandurah.


"I have been training with Ryan at Edge Fitness for nearly four years now, my husband and I started with private sessions then moved into one of the group sessions in Scarborough.

I enjoy the camaraderie as well as the friendly competitiveness in our group.  Ryan is constantly varying our training and on occasions will run a session at the beach, Jacobs ladder or another park, the Anzac Day challenge is always a great session.

Ryan is always mindful of any injury that may present and will tailor an individual’s training to suit fitness levels or any physical  limitations. He is also great with advice on how to overcome or prevent injuries.

I would thoroughly recommend Ryan and Edge Fitness to anyone looking to improve their fitness and lifestyle."

Janice Davison.

"After my first child I had gone from being a competitive semi-professional basketball player to being unfit and overweight due to medical reasons from the birth. A friend woke me up one early morning and introduced me to a personal trainer, Ryan from Edge Fitness. 2 and a half years later I'm hooked and Ryan is still pushing my limits every session.

Ryan knows when and how to push my body to retrieve results and also knows when to vary exercises if I am injured or sick, so I still get something out of a session. No session is ever the same, it is always different from his creativity of different exercises. With his motivation and my dedication, I lost the excess weight and returned back to playing basketball at a high level and back in into my favourite skinny jeans.

Now expecting my second child, Ryan is helping me to maintain my fitness and strength for a better and faster recovery."

Thanks Edge Fitness