Edge Fitness Personal and Group Training



"I started training with Jesica three months ago and it is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. The change I have seen in my level of fitness, my ability to complete exercises, and my body in that short space of time is remarkable, and something I have never been able to achieve training on my own.

Jesica is a fantastic trainer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She makes our sessions something that I look forward to as no two sessions are ever the same. She always takes on board what I like, and more importantly, what I don't like and manages to tailor each session to give me an intensive but, and I never thought I'd say this, enjoyable work out. Every session she builds on skills from previous and I am always shocked to see how far I have come. She is also very mindful of any recurring injury that is present to ensure that no irreparable damage is done.

Every session Jesica manages to push me that extra mile and break through that personal limit I never thought I could - all the while having fun doing so :)

I would thoroughly recommend Jesica as a trainer to anyone looking to achieve a change in their lifestyle and their body - she really makes an impact.

Thank you Jesica, and Edge Fitness - I look forward to many more sessions to come."


“If you are looking for a trainer that will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, then you can't go past Ryan from Edge Fitness. Before I started at Edge Fitness, I did the same exercise regime week in and week out, and had lost the motivation, focus and drive to increase my fitness, lose weight and tone up. At first I was very hesitant to join an outdoor group fitness session as I knew that I wouldn't have the fitness or strength to complete the exercise drills, and would more than likely quit after the first session. However, after completing Day 1 at Edge Fitness, I absolutely loved it and I haven't looked back since! I couldn't have asked for a better personal trainer than Ryan. He brings an enormous amount of experience, energy and professionalism to each session and after training twice a week for over 2 years, I have never completed the same session twice! While some sessions can be very challenging, the encouragement from Ryan and the rest of the group have always given me the drive to keep going and not quit. But it's not all blood, sweat and tears! Ryan mixes the sessions up with beach sessions in summer, or boxing, the use of fitballs, exercise bands, weights and also fun games of volleyball or cricket. Every session I get to work out with a great bunch of people who I've become good friends with along the way.

The best part about joining Edge Fitness is that I am continually pushed to improve and I’m seeing results, not just physically. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier which means that I get sick less often, and am a happier and more confident person. When I plateaued with my results, Ryan always gave me small goals to work towards in terms of increasing the intensity of my training, or keeping an eye out with my nutrition. I've never enjoyed running as I've never been good at it, but after Ryan's help, my fitness really improved, and now I actually look forward to going for a run! The motivation is there when you see results!

Thanks Ryan!"


“After my first child I had gone from being a competitive semi-professional basketball player to being unfit and overweight due to medical reasons from the birth. A friend woke me up one early morning and introduced me to a personal trainer, Ryan from Edge Fitness. 2 and a half years later I'm hooked and Ryan is still pushing my limits every session. Ryan knows when and how to push my body to retrieve results and also knows when to vary exercises if I am injured or sick, so I still get something out of a session. No session is ever the same, it is always different from his creativity of different excercises. With his motivation and my dedication, I lost the excess weight and returned back to playing basketball at a high level and back in into my favourite skinny jeans. Now expecting my second child, Ryan is helping me to maintain my fitness and strenght for a better and faster recovery.

Thanks Edge Fitness”

Andrew Smith

“I have been training now with Edge Fitness for around 4 months. At first I didn't think I was ever going to be able to keep up with the rest of the group, but within just a few weeks, my fitness has improved hugely and now I feel on a level with everyone else. In such a short time the difference to my health and fitness levels is incredible. Already I hate it if I can't make it to a session and feel as though I've really missed out. My wife also trains with Edge, in a separate group, and we can't help comparing notes and the exercises we have done. Ryan motivates you to achieve things you would never believe you were capable of and I end every session on a high.”


“I have been training with Edge Fitness for about 36 weeks. I started training during my lunch break twice a week and have now increased this to 3 times a week (Sunday mornings). I was the type of person that was always “going” to do exercise, always “talking” about exercising but never doing anything (a procrastinator) I found it very difficult to motivate myself. This is what made me join Edge Fitness with a group of people from work and now with another group on Sundays – the encouragement from all is great. I absolutely love it, Edge Fitness makes it fun and challenging and so very different to working out in a gym. I feel myself getting fitter and best of all toning my body. I would recommend Edge Fitness to anyone who wants to have fun and get fit at the same time, it’s fantastic.”


“I’ve been exercising with Edge Fitness for the last 3 years in a group session. Ryan & his trainers have been absolutely fantastic to our group, although when they are pushing us to our limits, we don’t particularly like them very much. But that’s okay with them, in fact, they get a perverse pleasure out of being cursed. The levels to which we can achieve is beyond any of our expectations and they help us to believe that we can do anything if we set our mind to it. The sessions are designed by the trainers to challenge and to get the most out of everyone without causing injury. 

The trainers are very mindful of the pre-existing injuries within the group so alternative exercises are given when necessary to minimise the risk of further harm.  

A word of warning – never tell Ryan that an exercise is easy because you will pay! 

The majority of our group is over 40, have kids, have busy lives, yet make the time to get out there, work hard and reap the rewards. No matter how bad our day (or mood), no matter how tired & worn out we feel, no matter how wet & cold or hot it is… we ALWAYS feel better after the session.  

I recently turned 40 and it felt great! To reach a milestone age being fitter and stronger than I have been at any other time in my adult life is extremely satisfying.” 


Nicole Papas, student, age 27

"I have been training with Edge Fitness for a year and a half. My reasons for exercising were pretty typical at first. I wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up, socialize, improve my general health etc. In time, however, it became so much more than that. In fact, the way I look at my life has changed. I began to not only look forward to my classes, but to also crave the challenges each session offered. And this meant that I also started to thrive at other kinds of challenges too (work or life related etc) I became confident and adventurous. But, most importantly, I now feel powerful ‘-and as a women this is a most wonderful, marvellous thing!’ 

In a year and a half my core strength and muscle endurance (and all over physical strength) has improved by leaps and bounds. I am quite slight in size so I never would have believed that I could ever carry four wheel drive tyres above my head or do more push-ups than my male friends! My trainer, Ryan Kukura also encouraged me to start running. I went from jogging only 400m before needing to rest to training for the City to Surf half marathon! At the moment, I am running 17km confidently. What I have realised about this kind of exercise is that “self belief” is the only thing you need. 

I have met some great people, not just in my own group training sessions but also through Ryan’s charity fun runs. My parents, both in their 60’s, have also participated in these runs and are now training for the half marathon with me. My sister, who has a newborn baby, has also joined in on the action and is now training with Edge Fitness and running 6km comfortably. You don’t need to be young to do these things. You just need the right attitude and the right trainer!  

Joining Edge Fitness was the best decision I have ever made – My family is thanking me for it too!"

Jeff Logan Chief Financial Officer

"Ryan at Edge Fitness has provided United Credit Union with a service which is convenient, professional, fun and has achieved fantastic results for the staff that have participated.  

From an organisation view it has promoted team building both with divisions and across divisions whilst contributing to their improved health & fitness. Whilst United does not provide direct financial assistance for the service, a slightly longer lunch hour is allowed to complete the exercises and showers etc. which has been attractive to the staff involved.  

It is testimate to the service and personality of Ryan that the level of staff participating (up to 20 staff) has been maintained throughout the year and some now participate in sessions outside of work time.   

I would recommend the service to any organisation wishing to actively support staff in these areas."