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Tough Mudder

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Ok you may have heard about this event, seen it on TV and yes it is coming to Perth in October 2013!

Essentially it is an obstacle course developed to test you physically and mentally. It requires teamwork and well I think it looks like pure fun!

With 18months to the event you can all do it and I would encourage you to have a look at the link below and to pre register :)


We will be putting on training sessions - homework programs and really having a heap of fun over the next 18 months. Both to get you ready for the event but also we just like to be creative :)


So far we have the following pre-registered for tough mudder and email rkukura@edgefitness.com.au if you should be on the list!

  • Ryan Kukura (Trainer)
  • Geoff Barnesby Johnson
  • Anthony Attwood
  • Chloe Dunlop
  • Nicole Papas
  • Laura Bolam

Overall remember the event is not a race but a challange - you are even able to skip an obstacle if you need to. (though we no you wouldn't do that)


If you have any questions at all speak with your trainer or myself 0407 474 413 - rkukura@edgefitness.com.au

Lastly we are also looking at a recon for tough mudder and doing the Melbourne event in Feb 2013 - if you are interested in traveling to Melbourne to take part in the challenge then let Ryan know.