Edge Fitness Personal and Group Training

Ossie Mclean

Personal Trainer: Ossie Mclean


Hold USASF Tumbling, stunts & Tosses qualification.

  • Cert lll in Fitness Instructor
  • Currently studying cert lV ~Personal Trainer
  • Provide First Aid


Joined Edge Fitness (Year): 2015.
After 5+ years of coaching at a wide range of clubs and companies I began my journey with Edge Fitness in early 2015 and am excited to be a part of all the magnificent feats this company will achieve.


Sports Played as a Kid:
Being born in London, I grew up playing football (Soccer) until I ran away to the circus, where I specialised in hand balancing, adagio and acro/ tumbling. I have also trained in flying trapeze and silks. 


Sporting Achievements:

Soccer Scholarship to WA’s state development program.

Competed Co-ed Level 5 at CUA competitions

Have performed in 3 major circus production across Perth

Sporting Ambitions:

Be capable of adapting to any physical environment or challenge and perform at a high level. Anything from rock climbing and boxing, to tai-chi and yoga…


Favourite Music/Artists:
If it has a good beat or good lyrics, I’ll listen to it.

Sporting Hero/s:

Aaron cook (tumbler), Usain Bolt (fastest man alive), Eddie Hall (one of the strongest men alive)
Muhammed Ali (the greatest)

Something Interesting/Weird About You

As a child, my idol was Tarzan.. One day, I would like to build a giant tree house surrounded by trees, vines and trampolines so I can play chasey with my pet gorilla.

Your Training Philosophy for Yourself:

If you didn’t give it your everything, you didn’t give it enough.
The only limitations you are restricted by, are the limitations you put on yourself
Winners never quit and quitters never win!
Always smile and enjoy the training

Your Training Philosophy for your Cheerleaders:

A positive mindset is the first step to achieving any goal, I strongly believe in creating a happy, motivating and encouraging training atmosphere for all of the people I train. I aim for my athletes to walk into every session eager and excited… Leaving with a smile and a sense of fulfillment, while having fun and enjoying the journey every step of the way to achieving their goals.  

What Do You Love About Being a Cheerleading Coach:

Sport is a medicine, it can boost your confidence, happiness, friendships and most importantly your health… It really can save lives, in more ways than one. It’s all about having fun and achieving your goals, two principles I not only apply to my sport, but my life as well.
That is why I love being a coach. I am able to train and help others achieve their goals by doing something they love and enjoy, that will also positively impact their life.