samCheerleading Coach: Samantha Jasmin Kukura (Rowney)

  • Education/Qualifications:

    • Carey Baptist College - Yr 6 (1999) - 12 (2005)
    • University of Notre Dame: Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (secondary)/ Bachelor of Science (2006 - 2009)
    • General Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics & Aerobic Gymnastics Coaching Accreditations ( 2003 onwards).
    • CSTD Certificates in dance, training in jazz, tap, modern, ballet and more!
    • USASF Certified Cheerleading Coach (2011 - present)
    • Currently the Director of Dance at Carey Baptist College.
    • Has taught gymnastics at Carey Baptist College for 14 years and Cheerleading for 4 years.
    • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (2012)
    • AusDance Member & Educator (2012 to present)
    • Advanced Senior First Aid
    • ARQ - Aquatic Rescue Qualifications

    Joined Edge Fitness (Year):  2006 

    Sports Played as a Kid: Dancing, Artistic Gymnastics, Sport Aerobics (Aerobic Gymnastics), Cheerleading, Soccer, Rugby.

    Sporting Achievements:

    Sporting Ambitions: I have represented Australia for the past eight years in the sport of Aerobic Gymnastics. I now have ambitions of pursuing my love for Cheerleading by running The Edgefitness Cheerleading Academy.

    Coaching Achievements: I have been teaching at a high school for the past four years, going on five. Prior to this, I have coached artistic gymnastics at my high school since I was 14. This program has continued and is now a specialist program at the College - next year will be the 14th year a student has represented the college in women's gymnastics and the third year that we will have students competing in aerobic gymnastics.

    For the past four years I have been educating and teaching students about and how to do cheerleading/ pom and we have had some awesome results!! We have attended AusCheer, Australian AllStar Cheerleading Federation and Cheerleading Unlimited Australia Competitions. We have won numerous trophies, medals and banners!

    Favourite Music/Artist(s): I love all music - as long as I can get you pumping to the beat with me to it!!

    Sporting Hero/s: Svetlana Khorkina, Tatiana Grigorieva, Marcela Lopez and Maddie Gardner.

    Something Interesting/Weird About You: I love running in the rain and I get grumpy when I haven't exercised for a while... and if you feed me sugar or red food colouring (it's best not too!!) WATCH OUT!!

    Your Training Philosophy for Yourself: "If it's to be, it's up to me!" I don't see the point in training without putting in 100% effort - I strive for perfection and when I succeed, I get great satisfaction! - "Strive to achieve". Training hard is the way to do it, "you get out, what you put in!"... Blood, sweat and tears, it's all worth it in the end! I believe impossible is nothing and if you say "I can", then you will. "No Good Pain = No Good Gain".

    "Aim higher than high and you will never fall too short!!" - my great grandmother, Minnie Hammond.

    Your Training Philosophy for your Cheerleaders: I love seeing my athletes achieve  their goals! I will always put 100% effort into my cheer athletes no matter the day, time or the weather.  I always believe in my cheerleaders and their ability to achieve their goals. Thus, I think it is really important that my athletes believe in themselves and believe that they have the potential to do great things; achieving one goal at a time. I try and tell them that no goal is to small, but you should always have one! I like to push my cheerleaders at a level that is comfortable but also challenging. I will always help to motivate and enthuse athletes! 

    What Do You Love About Being A Cheerleading Coach: I love seeing athletes achieve their dreams - sometimes the reaction from a cheerleader learning a new skill (or a group nailing a stunt), you would think they had won the lottery by the excitement that goes about! It's seeing individuals strive to achieve and succeed. I also love to teach, love to make people happy, love to pull faces, love to dance, love to throw athletes in the air and love to tumble - so coaching cheer is perfect!!

Picture below: 2011 International Championships - Australia wins gold (Samantha Kukura is top left)